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40 Years of Furthering Independent Living for People with Disabilities

About RTC/IL

Our Mission

Our mission is to further independent living (IL) for people with disabilities by collaborating with consumers on research that is relevant to their lives and by using innovative methods to disseminate knowledge.

Emergency Preparedness for Every Member of Your Family

Now is always the time to prepare for an emergency, especially for people with disabilities. We offer publications, videos and trainings to assist you in preparing for natural and man-made disasters.

For a quick overview, watch our RTC/IL Emergency Preparedness Videos (YouTube) to learn what you need to have on hand and the steps you can take be ready for the unexpected.

Two women examine the contents of an emergency preparedness kit

Community Living Research

People with disabilities still face many barriers to living and participating in their community. The Research and Training Center on Promoting Interventions for Community Living (RTC/PICL) is building on two evidence-based interventions to increase their community participation.

Since participation begins at home, the Home Usability Program helps people learn how to modify their home environments to support their needs.

The Out and About program enhances the personal skills of people with disabilities so they may pursue opportunities in the community that they choose.

This Center also promotes the dissemination and utilization of other successful practices that enhance participation.

A blind woman in rubber boots uses a cane to walk down a paved path. She is holding a pride-colored umbrella

News Highlights

Jean Hall to Serve on NIH Advisory Group

Jean Hall, Director of the RTC/IL, will serve on the National Institute of Health Advisory Group to the Director Working Group on Diversity as an expert on diversity and disability.

Jean Hall Elected to the National Academy of Social Insurance

Jean Hall, IHDPS Director, joined the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) as one of 56 distinguished experts. NASI educates the public on the connections between social insurance--such as Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and Medicare--and economic security.

Hall and Shinnick Goddard Publish New Article in Disability and Health Journal

September 1, 2021

Jean Hall, RTC/IL Director, and Kelsey Shinnick Goddard, RTC/IL Researcher, authored "Is the presence of home entrance steps associated with community participation of people with mobility impairments?" with colleagues from RTC: Rural.