Providing Services to People with Disabilities (Service Provision)

First Impressions: Maintaining Courteous Treatment of Human Service Clients (PDF available upon request)

Providing services to people with disabilities is detailed in this resource-stocked manual. Authors: M. Johnson and S. Fawcett.

Fundraising for Independent Living Centers (PDF available upon request)

Starting off by identifying barriers to successful fundraising and setting up basic management systems, this manual explains incorporation, acquiring tax-exempt status, developing the feasibility study, summary of fundraising methods, organizational structures for fundraising, putting policy into words, and working with consultants. Author: J. Hannah

Meshing IL with Occupational Therapy 

Does occupational therapy subscribe as a field to the IL movement and is there a role for it within a consumer-based model?; the very philosophy of occupational therapy is one of its strongest defenses to such accusations argues this article. Author: S. Kennedy

Serving Consumers with Psychiatric Disabilities: Common Sense Accommodations and Strategies 

This resource guide provides helpful strategies for people who work with individuals with psychiatric disabilities in centers for independent living and other consumer-oriented agencies. Authors: M. Rempfer, L. Smith, and S. Wendt

Strategies for Assisting People with Traumatic Brain Injuries 

The purpose of this manual is to provide a user-friendly guide for individuals assisting people with traumatic brain injuries in home and independent living center environments. Author: K. Adkins

Strategies for Reaching out to Minority Individuals with Disabilities

Among the problems faced by many minority persons with disabilities discussed in this article that originally appeared in the 2001 Research Exchange 6(2) is the lack of coordinated attention of many programs and professionals from multiple disciplines. Author: F. Balcazar