Preparing for the Meeting

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How Do I Choose the Best Accommodation for Me?

Before you negotiate for accommodations, it is important to think about what accommodations will be best for you. Earlier, you learned that there are three kinds of requests that someone might make:

  • Reasonable accommodations: Accommodations that federal regulations require that all higher education institutions offer if they are needed
  • Optional/additional services and supports: Supports that are not required but which your institution may offer if resources are available
  • Unreasonable accommodations: Accommodations that the institution likely would not offer because they:
  •       Would cause a direct threat to the health and safety of others;
  •       Would change an important part of the curriculum;
  •       Would be too expensive.

Next are two different scenarios about a student who needs an accommodation. Read the scenario and then figure out what accommodation the student might need that would be the most helpful.