Publications: Fact Sheets, Infographics, Booklets, Etc.

Out and About: Laws That Protect People with Disabilities

These fact sheets provide information about U.S. laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities. RTC researchers and staff created them as resources for participants in our "Out and About" intervention, which is part of the Research and Training Center on Promoting Interventions for Community Living (RTC/PICL). One additional fact sheet focuses on finding social support for community participation, and another discusses resources for air travel and interacting with the Transportation Security Administration.

Usable Housing

Our project partners in Montana have produced several research briefs related to the RTC/PICL usable housing study (RTC Rural):

This project builds upon research about home usability for people with disabilities that was completed in our previous center, the RTC on Community Living :

Community Living and Participation Research

We list below the findings from each research intervention included in the Research and Training Center (RTC) on Community Living and the RTC on Measurement and Interdependence in Community Living, in addition to other products from both centers.

Research Center Takes New Approach to Knowledge Translation: Building Bridges from Research to Policy and Practice (PDF available upon request)- This report describes a Bridging Meeting held by the RTC on Community Living in 2013.

Developing a Health Promotion Assistance Tool (HAIL)

Development and Testing of an Informal PA Training Program

Home Usability for People with Disabilities

Community Engagement Initiative Knowledge Translation (KT) Project

Building Capacity for Full Community Participation

Multiple Chronic Health Conditions (Analysis of Secondary Data)

  • Infographic: Multiple Chronic Conditions among People with Disabilities
  • Fact Sheet: Multiple Chronic Conditions among People with Disabilities
  • Poster (PDF available upon request): Multiple Chronic Conditions and Health Disparities among People with Disabilities Compared to People without Disabilities

Parking Equity

  • Brochure: Accessible Parking Etiquette: Honor the Aisles!
  • Fact Sheet: Encouraging Reservation of Van-Designated Spaces for Lift- or Ramp-Equipped Van Users
  • Fact Sheet: Deterring Access Aisle Parking Violations

Does VR Effectively Support Community Living? (Analysis of Secondary Data)

  • Fact Sheet: How Do Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes Vary Among Different Types of Living Arrangements?

Tools to Identify and Measure Disability Population Segments

HCBS Waiver: Economic Utility and Related Health Outcomes

  • Fact Sheet: HCBS Waiver: Does It Contain Costs and Improve Health Outcomes?
  • Resource Guide (PDF available upon request): Cancer Prevention for People with Disabilities

Consumer Training for Employing Personal Assistants

  • Fact Sheet: Using Consumer Training to Enhance Community Participation

The Effect of CIL Services on Community Participation

  • Fact Sheet: Which Center for Independent Living Services Improve Community Participation?
  • Fact Sheet (PDF available upon request): CIL Services that Improve Community Participation: Comparing the U.S., Japan and South Korea

Measurement Systems of Person x Environment Interactions

  • Fact Sheet (PDF available upon request): New Measures for Assessing Community Participation

Health Care for People with Disabilities

ADA Accommodations Training

Poster (PDF available upon request): The Accommodations Model: A New Tool for Empowering Students to Request Reasonable Accommodations

Weight Loss

Poster (PDF available upon request): Weight Loss Intervention for Adults with Physical Disabilities

Emergency Preparedness

Best Practices to Level the Playing Field for People with Disabilities in Disasters (PDF)

Kansas Disability Data

Data Inventory on the Employment and Health of Kansans with Disabilities (PDF available upon request) - This tool was developed to assist researchers who use Medicaid and disability data.