Accommodations Checklist

The list below contains several examples of accommodations. To complete the activity, print this webpage. Then, think about whether the accommodation is: 

a) Reasonable/Mandated--Federal regulations mandate that all postsecondary students MUST provide the accommodation. Label it with an "R."

b) Optional--Many postsecondary institutions may offer this accommodation if they have the resources, but are not required to do so. Often these may be available to everyone and not just the student with a disability. Label it with an "O."

c) Unreasonable--The accommodation might make a significant change to the curriculum, might be a threat to health and safety of others, or might be too expensive. Label it with a "U."

  • Sign language interpreter
  • Study guides
  • Real time captioning
  • Sleeping in class
  • Captioned films
  • Auditory amplification system
  • Providing a private testing room/extended testing time
  • Providing word processing programs
  • Free disability parking
  • Substituting a course for a required course
  • Banning all chemicals on campus
  • Open book exams
  • Reducing background noise