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You can contribute to a positive image of people with disabilities by following these guidelines. Your rejection of stereotypical, outdated language and use of respectful terms will help to promote a more objective and honest image.

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How should I describe you or your disability?What are you? What happened to you?
DisabilityDifferently abled, challenged
SurvivorVictim, suffers from
Uses a wheelchair, wheelchair userConfined to a wheelchair
Service dog or service animalSeeing eye dog
Accessible parking or restroomHandicapped parking, disabled stall
Person with Down SyndromeMongoloid
Intellectual disabilityMentally retarded, mental retardation
Autistic, on the autism spectrum, atypicalAbnormal
Person with a brain injuryBrain damaged
Person of short stature, little personMidget dwarf
Person with a learning disabilitySlow learner, retard
Person with mental illness, psychiatric disabilityCrazy person, psycho, insane
Person with spinal cord injuryCripple
Amputee, has limb lossGimp
Nondisabled, person without a disabilityNormal, able bodied, healthy

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Download our brochure Guidelines: How to Write about People with Disabilities.

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