Study of CIL Services Replicated in Japan and Korea

Glen White is working with KU alumnae Kyung Mee Kim and Chiaki Gonda Kotani to replicate research overseas that has been conducted in the U.S. as part of the Research and Training Center on Measurement and Interdepence in Community Living (MICL).

For the project titled R-5, Center for Independent Living Services and Their Effect on Community Participation, White and colleagues are measuring the effectiveness of services provided by centers for independent living (CILs). They surveyed CIL staff members in the U.S. and are now surveying consumers of CIL services to discover which services they consider most important and effective.

For the international dimension of the project, White, Kim and Kotani are collaborating with national CIL organization directors in Japan and Korea to survey CIL staff about the importance of and their satisfaction with services that their organizations offer.

The CIL leaders who have helped conduct the study are Ji Hwan Ahn in Korea and Shoji Nakanishi in Japan.