Exercise Resources

Ben Clark

Adapt to Perform YouTube Channel: yoga, shoulder injury prevention, HIIT with no equipment, kettleball workout, etc.


Adapted Workouts

Seated Yoga:

 Mini Adaptive Chair Yoga Class

High-Intensity Yoga:

Inclusive Yoga for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

Adaptive Yoga for Veterans:

 Video Series

Seated Aerobics:

Lisa Ericson's Seated Aerobic Workout

Aerobic Workout for Individuals with Parapeligia

Sit and Be Fit:

Sit and Be Fit With Mary Ann Wilson

Seated Strength:

Soup Can Overhead Press

Physical Therapy - Seated Row

I FIT Tips: Push Motion

I FIT Tips: Battle Ropes

Wheelchair Dancing:

 Wheelchair Zumba

 Wheelchair Zumba


 Wheelchair Basketball Stretching Skills

 Wheelchair Champion Workout

Paul Eugene:

Seated Chair Aerobics

Sit, Exercise, Get Fit!


Facebook VFI (Voice for Independence) Fitness and Activities Group

Free Tai Chi Lessons

Mobility Limited Resources:

Champions RX 14-week Program:

National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD) YouTube Channel offers Home Workouts, Theraband Exercises, Balance Training, Inclusive Fitness and More!

TheraBand Progressive Resistance Band Color Guide

The bands have different levels of resistance, based on color. The guide below demonstrates what color has the lightest resistance and what colors successively follow increased resistance.

Theraband Color Progression. Yellow = Light Resistance; Red = Medium Resistance; Green = Heavy Resistance; Blue = Extra Heavy Resistance