Community Participation Materials Funding for Washington University Researchers

LAWRENCE, KAN. — April 14, 2007.—  A team led by David Gray, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, has received federal funding to develop materials that will get people with disabilities out of their house and more into their communities. 

"Getting around in the environment often doesn't relate to a person’s disability,” Gray, associate professor, Program in Occupational Therapy, said. “Barriers in the environment itself often are the primary impediment in allowing people with disabilities to participate socially.” 

Service and research focus typically has been on providing in-home assistance for people with disabilities. Little has been done in developing materials for these individuals when they are out of their home and in their communities.

Materials will be tested by Paraquad, a St. Louis center for independent living, with people who have sensory or mobility disabilities. 

Funded by grants from the National Institute of Disability Rehabilitation Research, this project is being done for the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Measurement and Interdependence in Community Living (RTC/MICL) based at the University of Kansas, which is a consortium of scientists in the field of disability research from Washington University, the University of Montana, Cornell University, and the Oregon Health Sciences University.

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